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Model SJJ Industry Monitor

Category: Instrumentation
Key words:InstrumentationModel SJJ Industry Monitor
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Ⅰ. Application Areas

Model SJJ Industrial Monitoring System is a kind of monitoring system for various drilling rigs used for monitoring of different spots at well sites and other places.

Ⅱ. Features

1. Camera is one of the key parts of monitoring system. The system employs automatic focusing color zooming camera, which is characterized by:

1/4"Color chip, CCD image sensor, high resolution and sensitivity.

Intelligent digital image processing circuit, which makes images clearer and more gorgeous.

Focus is adjusted via controller, or press directly the keys on the camera.

Automatic zooming control.

Automatic white balance.

A utomatic aperture control, DC powered.

Minimum illumination: 0.7Lux

2. Protection cover is mounted ont adjustable support. The support can turn horizontally and vertically, which effectively ensures camera to shoot in proper angles. The cover can also be mounted to an automatic cradle head, which can move horizontally and vertically by adjustment of stainless steel keyboard so that camera can shoot images in proper angles.

3. The monitor utilizes 15" digital LCD display, enclosed in astainless steel housing. Therefore, it is waterproof. In addition, its inspection angles can be adjusted.

4. Stainless steel keyboard, luxurious, elegant, reliable and have long service life.

5. Special and compound cables are used for connection of monitor. This makes the cables only 60% of the old type and greatly eases the connection work.

6. Enclosure of controller is made of stainless steel. Beauty, corrosion resistance and compactness are its features. The enclosure is well sealed in accordance with hazardous wellsite environment to make sure it can work much more reliably.

Ⅲ. Technical Specifications

1. Working temperature: -30~60℃

2. Relative humidity: 0~90%RH

3. Working voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ±10%

4. Definition: 480 TV Lines

5. Image sensor:1/4" color chip, CCD

6. Magnification: 22 multiple of optical, 16 multiple of digital(total: 352 multiple)

7. Input quantity:4sets

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