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SGX3A Computerized Logging System
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SGX3A Computerized Logging System

Category: Instrumentation
Key words:InstrumentationSGX3A Computerized Logging System
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I. Application Areas:

SGX3A Computerized Logging System is applicable toproduction logging and engineering logging in

the middle and late stage of oil exploration and development, characteristic evaluation of multiple

parameters in the oil reservoirs, development logging and perforation. It mainly consists of 8 units,

namely, the oscilloscope, the display, the depth/power supply controller, the upper industrial control

computer, the lower industrial computer, the mouse/keyboard, the DC power supply,on-line ups and

the plotter. It can work with the following downhole logging tools:

Production Profile Logging System Series

Well logging tool string, a combination of about seven parameters, namely, conventional A: CCL,

thermometer, continuous pressure gauge, natural gamma ray tool, fluid densimeter, water cut meter,

continuous turbine flow meter, upper and lower centralizer, etc.

Well logging tool string, a combination of about five parameters, specifically, conventional A: CCL,

downhole thermometer, continuous pressure gauge, water-cut meter, packer flowmeter and DC motor.

Logging string of seven-parameter production profile combination tools with Manchester remote


Water Injection Profile Logging System Series:

Conventional A: CCL, downhole thermometer, continuous pressure gauge, gamma ray tool, turbine

flow meter (electromagnetic flow meter), isotope transmitter, upper and lower centralizer.

Manchester Telemetry P: CCL, downhole thermometer, continuous pressure gauge, gamma ray tool,

turbine flowmeter (electromagnetic flow meter), isotope transmitter, upper and lower centralizer.

Engineering Logging System Series:

Dual-transmitter-three-receiver CBL/VDL sonic wave-to-density combination well logging system

Pulse 40-arm Caliper Logging System Series.

Downhole Temperature and Noise Combination Well Logging System.

Single and Dual-Spaced Neutron Lifetime Logging Lool

Downhole Depth Correction Logging System Series:

Magnetic Locating and Natural Gamma Combination Logging Tool

Magnetic Locating and Neutron Gamma Combination Logging Tool.

Perforation Logging Tool Series:

Passive CCL + Natural Gamma + Perforator。

Passive CCL + Perforator。

II. Characteristics

1. The network-based system employs a 10/100M self-adapting network card to connect the upper

and lower computers;

2. The lower computer utilizes the internationally popular built-in Pc104 module and runs on DOS

system, solely possessing, distributing and regulating the system resources. It is mainly used for the

acquisition of various signals and the control of all kinds of parameters so that the real-time and stable

acquisition of the data can be efficiently ensured. After the primary processing, the data are

transmitted to the upper computer via the 100M Ethernet network card.

3. The upper computer works on a Windows XP system, which facilitates network communication

datatransmission and the secondary data process, display, plot, storage and pre-interpretation of the

data at wellsite.

4. The system is compatible with diverse downhole tools for multiple test projects. In addition, it

features virtual oscilloscope function, strong fault tolerance and flexible expansion of functions.

5. GPRS mobile network makes the remote transmission of logging data possible, which greatly

improves system maintenance at well site and data interpretation by information center at the base.

6. The CBL-to-density curves can be filtered in real time during the logging process and thus become

clearer and more eye-pleasing.

III. Technical Specifications:

1. Data format: The data can be recorded in LA716, TXT, DAT, SOU and other formats. The tested raw

data and calculated values are also recorded in real time.

2. Data Recording Media: The data can be recorded in the hard disc of the computer, on the 820DL/G

thermal sensitive plotter or on the 128M USB disc;

3.Ambienttemperature: 0~+50?

4. Environment humidity: <95%,no condensation at 45?

5. Vibration resistance: 3g, 10-60HZ three-D when not working

6. Impact resistance: 15g 11ms three-D when not working,

7. Reliability:(Mean time between failure)  MTBF=800h

8. Maintenance (Mean time to repair)     MTTR <0.5h

9. Oscilloscope Taiwan Guwei GOS620B 20MHz dual-track oscilloscope

10. Display 17″SAMSUNG 793MB, resolution 1287?024

11. Plotter 820DL/G thermal plotter, resolution 200 dot/inch, paper speed 6"/sec

12. UPS Power Supply:

SANTAK in-line, 2KVA, input voltage118 300 (VAC),

frequency 50±5%Hz, time: 132m/fully loaded


14. Power system for downhole system:

0-300VDC, 1.0AUPS, ripple noise CV≤5mVrms, CC≤15mArms,

short circuit protection

15. Upper level computer:

ROCKY-4786EVS/PⅣ2.4/256DDR/80G/3.5" FD/52XCDROM/USB2.0/

Dual ET ports

16. Lower level guest computer

PC104/ Pentium(300MHz) CPU / 64M / 128M CF card /3.5" FD /ET port

17. Network communication standards GPRS wireless communication protocol is employed

between upper level host computer and the central base station and the 10M/100M Self-adjusting

Ethernet interface protocol is used for the communication between the upper host computer and the

lower client computer.

18.DAQ interface

Digital channel: 16-digit parallel I/O channel, control the channel of the relay board.

Analogue channel: with BGA 5 paths, lower channel 2paths,resolution 12 digits,

error ±1LSB, A/D conversion rate10μS

Counter channel: 8-path 16-digit AGC, positive and negative pulse, frequency 0-50KHz, amplitude


Timer channel: 1-path 16-digit, inner: precisely time set, outer: period measurement

High-speed analog channel: 4-path, processing CBL/VDL, noise, virtual oscilloscope signal, signal

program-controlled separation, BGA amplification.

Virtual oscilloscope: inner 2-path, outer 2-path, voltage 0~±12V, frequency 0~100KHz.

Quick A/D acquisition: sampling rate 1MHZ,accuracy 12bit,with 256K*16BIT DRAM on board,

permiting off-line sampling, DMA mode transmission, port

Extended counter channel: 4-path, 16-digit AGC, positive and negative pulse, frequency 0~50KHz,

amplitude 0.1~12V

Extended analogue channel:8-path extension, address: 280H,resolution 12 digits, error: ±1LSB,

A/D conversion rate 10μS.

Data communication: ManchesterⅡcode transmission rate: 5.7295kbit/sand



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