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SDX-IV Dynamometer Calibrator
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SDX-IV Dynamometer Calibrator

Category: Instrumentation
Key words:InstrumentationSDX-IV Dynamometer Calibrator
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I. Application Areas:

SDX-IV Dynamometer Calibrator is mainly used for static calibration of load, current and displacement of dynamometer, simulation of load-displacement dynamometer diagrams and current-displacement dynamometer diagrams, echometer chart-running speed calibration and providing signal interface for general pressure tester to conduct automatic calibration on general load sensors, displacement sensors and current output, and perform data input, processing and printing.

II. Features:

1.It features all-graphic interface,popular VISUAL BASIC 6.0 language programming with a desirable user-machine interface, which ensures easy maintenance, upgrading, operation and quick proficiency;

2.With digital and analog display panel, values in calibration process can be displayed in digital and analogue modes. Position of the ball guide screw can also be displayed in digital and analogue modes.Loading and unloading directions of load motor are displayed in analog mode;

3. As data measurement and control are realized via industrial PC and the currently popular multi-functional interface board especially designed for industrial PC, the system is highly integrated and reliable;

4.Semi-automatic and automatic operation modes make operation easy and flexible;

5.As transmission is performed by a specially made great-torque step motor and pressure is adjusted with a great-travel ball guide screw, the device enjoys high speed, low noise, smooth process, high accuracy and low maintenance requirement;

6.Power-off protection by UPS ensures safety and reliability;

7.Calibration results and reports can be processed and printed out automatically;

8.The system can automatically calibrate SG5 Series Dynamometer, SGH1A and SGH2000 Pumping Well Tester manufactured by JPIM. It can also read in automatically measured values of dynamometer, fill in calibration sheet and calculate, process and print reports. Reports can be stored, read, inquired about and printed out.

9.Multi-protection measures (hardware and software) can efficiently protect the system from overload and overjourney.

10.Graceful in appearance, small in size and light in weight.

III.Technical Specifications:

1.Load: 0~150kN Uncertainty:±0.3%F.S

2.Displacement: 0~12m Uncertainty: ±0.3%F.S

3.Current: 0~150A Uncertainty: ±1%F.S

4.Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz

5.Calibration of chart-running speed of echometer:

Amplitude: 0~1V

Period: 10, 20, 100, 200 and 500ms

6.Simulation of load-displacement dynamometer diagram:Frequency of strokes for simulation of load-displacement dynamometer diagram and simulation of current-displacement dynamometer diagram can be chosen among 2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 and 3 strokes per minute. Analog load values are within 20~60kN, and the analog current values are between 20~80A.

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