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High effective cleaner

Category: Solid Control Equipment
Key words:Solid Control EquipmentHigh effective cleaner
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High effective cleaner for drilling liquid is a new cleaning equipment with advantages such as high intensity in vibration, large quantity in processing with long life, developed by our company on the basis of taking into consideration the characteristics of the vibrating sieves at home and abroad.

Working principal:

Being the cleaning equipment for the first and second stage in the solid phase controlling system of the drilling slurry, the equipment separates a lot of drill solids entrained by the drilling liquid returning from the well so as to offer convenience for the slurry to enter into the lower separating device. And so, the cleaner’s property and operation will directly affect the separating result of the lower separating equipment.

The sieve is designed in line with the principle of linear motion footprint. The vibrator makes the sieve box reciprocate, taking the solid grain in the slurry out of the sieve surface along with the sieve motion, realizing the separation of the solid and liquid.

According to the drilling situation, the equipment may be used separately, or combined with the vibrating sieve as a twin sieve or a three-tandem sieve, etc. And the company may configure the slurry inlet pipe assembly in line with the user’s requirement.

Main technical parameters:

1.power of motor: 1.72Kw—2

2.vibriation: 7.4g

3.adjusted angle: -1°~ 5

4.screen specification: 700×1050×3(20—150mesh)

Area 2.2 m2

5. Dimater of desander clone: 250mm

6. Number of clone: 2

7. Diameter of dislter: 100mm

8. Diameter of desilter clone: 10

9.diameter of liquid feeding pipe: 6″

10. Parameter of the separated grain : 10-74μm

11. Work pressure: 0.21-0.45Mpa

12. Processing capacity: 180~240 m3/h

13. Power of sand pump: 55kw

14.Dimesion: 2485×2945×2508 mm

15. Weight: 2380kg

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