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Other Tools

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The load binder is a general manual towing tool. It is suitable for all location of towing, hanging and tightening, especially suitable for tigtening the guys of work-over rig. Max. working load is 30 kN.

Chain tongs are mostly used to make up or break out pipe. It can turn in either direction. Used for 11/2-10 inch pipe. Max. working load is 1680N.m Length is 27-57inch.

Sucker rod elevating socket is used to handle single sucker rod, and is hung on the nacelle of workover rig. Max. working load is 400psi, used for 1/2-118 inch sucker rod.

The Sucker Rod Blowout Preventer is used to prevent oil and gas from leaking, and ensure washing wells and etc. go on smoothly. Max. working pressure is 1500psi, used for 1/2-11/8 inch sucker rod.

Knuckle joint swab is used for production test and oil extraction in oil production. Allows cups to be changed in just 10 seconds. To disassemble, the mandrel is lift 90°,and the two sections of the joint are separated. It assure rapid running and smooth, trouble-free swabbing.

Type QB portable tubing tong is a tool to make up or break out tubing. The main parts of tubing tong are forged with super steel.


QB Portable Tubing Tong

Tubing size (in)

2 3/8

2 7/8

3 1/2


4 1/2

Max .torque (kn.m)





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