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XQ140/12YA Hydraulic Power clamp

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product description

12YA hydraulic clamp force in the oil field workover operations on dumping 23/8" ,-3½"drill pipe, and 2 7/8"- 4½" tubing and 4½"-5½" casing of a dynamic open-clamp . It has the following features:

1, the clamp from the torque hydraulic motor driven back by clamp rack plunger drive, drive concise, compact structure.

2, Lord, forceps are used in the dorsal surface of clamping rollers climbing, cards tight, reliable and timely release.

3, the first with the upper and lower clamp Fuzheng outside agencies, rotating stable, long service life.

4, Lord, matching clamp back, reversing valve can be manually manipulated simultaneous release clamping or string.

5, friction braking institutions in the clamp heads of the adjustment, maintenance more convenient.

6, and reset manually reversing valve knob with, for the flexible and convenient.

7, equipped with a retractable security doors installed, the protective effect from security.


Technical parameters


the scope of application     

Φ73 -140mm          

Low maximum torque          

12kN.m  (8916 ft-lbs)

the lowest maximum torque      

7.8 kN.m(5800 ft-lbs)      

Maximum torque of the high-grade       

4.2 kN.m(3123 ft-lbs)

the largest high-grade torque       

2.6 kN.m  (1933 ft-lbs)   

The largest high-grade speed         


the largest high-grade speed     


the largest of the low speed      


Low maximum speed         


the largest oil pressure        

12MPa (1740 psi)       

Of the largest oil supp           


Dimension (L × W × H)


shipments quality             



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