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LS30/1700DBT Trailer-mounted Drilling Rig

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product description

LS30/1700DBT trailer-mounted drilling rig is developed with the help of a famous American engineering company on the basis of original LS30/1700DBT drilling rig. It features full digital vector control, AC-DC-AC driving, hydraulic/air/electric control, full trailer movement, and can meet the requirements for fast movement and quick installation. A LS30/1700DBT rig, composed of 13~15 trailer-mounted modules depending on different configurations, has all the advantages modular rigs and truck-mounted rigs have.

1、 Driven by VFD motor.

2、 Not more than 15 trailer-mounted modules for rig, substructure, mud pump, etc.

3、 High-efficiency hydraulic disc brake system.

4、 Independent drive for drawworks and rotary table.

5、 Operation controls are all centralized in the driller's room.

6、 Two-section K mast.

7、 Top drive system and hydraulic rotary table are available.


Main Parameters




Drilling depth(4-1/2"DP) ft(m)


Workover depth(3-1/2"DP) ft(m)


Max.hook load lb(kN)


Drill line dia.,in.(mm)/lines


Max.hook speed ft/s(m/s)


Overall dimensions in shipping status ft(m)


Weight lb(kg)



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