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ZJ30 Cold Weather Drilling Rig

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product description

ZJ30 cold weather drilling rig is a truck-mounted drilling equipment developed on the basis of conventional ZJ30 drilling rig. In consideration of cold weather’s effect on metal structural parts, rubber parts, electric elements, signal elements fluid media, manufacturing processes and operating environments, we have taken some feasible measures according to Russian oilfield condition to make the rigs be suitable for -45℃ environment. To optimize the rig design, a lot of new measures, new materials and processes are adopted. The dual mode, including heating system and good low temperature property of materials, will ensure the safety and convenience of rig operation.


Efficient power system and special driveline for cold weather.

1、 Better and powerful chassis. Axles and tires for low temperature will ensure safe and reliable traveling.

2、 Stronger load-bearing capacity mast assembly can be suited to top drive installation;

3、 The drawworks system is equipped with WCB324 auxiliary brake;

4、 Wider and more stable drilling floor;

5、 More optimized configuration.

6、 Major structural parts are mostly made of quality materials for low temperature.

7、 Various key components and valves are suitable for low temperature.

8、 Special rubber parts, sealing parts and hoses can be used in cold weather.

9、 Local heating and insulation system, dual protection, to be more suitable for cold weather.

10、 Special oils for cold weather.

11、 Can be operated in -45℃ and stored in -60℃ .


Main Features:



1、Mature technology, time-tested design.

2、High reliability.

3、Safety distance for preventing collision is more than 3m.

4、Tires for cold weather are provided.

5、Good cross-country capability.

6、Suitable for cold weather, dual heating system for key areas. Operation is safe and reliable.


Main Parameters



ZJ30 Cold Weather Drilling Rig

Drilling depth (4 1/2 DP) ft(m)


    (5” DP)(ft)m


Max. hook load (lb)kN


Diameter of drilling line in.(mm)


Max. pull of fast line lb(kN)


Weight lb(kg)


Suitable ambient temperature ℃



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