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ZJ30/1700 Belt drive drilling rig

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ZJ30/1700 belt drive drilling rig follows the design philosophy of “being up-to-date, reliable, safe, easy-to-use and cost-effective”, adopts module construction, which enhances versatility, interchangeability and mobility of the rig and reduces the workload of transport and installation to great extent. The design of the rig also satisfies the requirement of using 25 tons crane for well location lifting and enables easy use, adjustment, maintenance, inspection and repair.

The rig is designed and manufactured in compliance with SY/T5609-1999 standard. Main components like mast, substructure, hook, crown block, swivel, rotary table, drawworks and mud pump conform to API spec. All members and structures satisfy railway and road transportation requirements.

The rig as a whole can operates under the temperature condition ranging from+50℃-35℃, satisfy HSE regulations and possess the resistance to explosion, leakage, corrosion, high temperature, freezing and sand blocking. Safety devices are well designed and all alarm, limit switch and interlock devices are sensitive, reliable and accurate. Well location electrical system complies with international standards and on-site buildings and tanks are independently grounded. All safety equipment has statement of conformity and quality certificate.

The whole rig is painted with boad-side paint and is resistant to salt, alkali, oil, heat, humidity and low temperature. Fluid and gas loop connections are reliably sealed and ball valve is stainless steel.

The rig has reasonable general arrangement, satisfying the technical requirements of drilling 3000m (4 1/2 drill pipe) well in China, trailer transport and drilling cluster wells.

Two diesel engines provide power for the rig via narrow V belt compound, driving drawworks, mud pump, energy-saving generators unit and air compressors unit. The drawworks drive rotary table via cardan shaft and chain gear box.

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