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ZJ70/4500L Chain drive drilling rig

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product description

Product information :


1. Drill rig adopts “2000 (or 3000) series diesel engine + coupling gear box” drive.

2. Integral chain box compound

3. Drawworks drum is grooved. The main brake is hydraulic disc brake and assistant brake is electromagnetic eddy current brake.

4. Drawworks is equipped with assistant lifting device which can raise the mast without diesel engine or hoisting drill string while main drive fails to prevent down hole accident and realize drilling safety.

5. Drawworks adopt split type arrangement and installed above and under the drill floor. Heavy main drawworks is placed at lower position. “Bevel gear box + cardan shaft” are installed on the drill floor.

6. Main drawworks adopt pneumatic tube clutch for remote control, operating easily and quickly. Cathead drawworks is equipped with sand drum and bank brake, of one-piece structure.

7. K-type mast without pulling rope fit for assembly at ground level and raising as a whole

8. Drill floor is box-on-box type structure, compact, easy to rig up. Large clearance satisfies installation of BOP. Rotary table and standpipe box levels with drill floor to make available even floor and larger operating space.

9. Equipped with heavy-duty triplex single action mud pump with cardan shaft transmission.

10. Key mechanical parts conform to API spec and marked with API monogram.




Rig model


Nominal drilling depth (114mm drill pipe) m


Max. hook load kN 


Max. drill line no.


Wireline diameter mm(in)

38 (11/2)

Hoisting system sheave OD mm(in)

1524 (60)

Swivel center pipe bore diameter mm(in)

75 (3)

Drawworks rated power kW(hp)

1470 (2000)

Drawworks gear

6  +  2R

Rotary table opening diameter mm(in)

952.5 ( 371/2)

Rotary table gear

6 +  2R

Power/mud pump kW(hp)

1180 (1600)

Diesel engine no.


Integral chain box no.


Mast effective height m(ft)

45 (147 )

Drill floor height m(ft)

9 (30)

Drill floor clearance m(ft)

7.7 (25.3)

Note: L - chain compound


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