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Company Overview

Rugao Yaou Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2004. The company is a national foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau and a company with import and export rights endorsed by the General Administration of Customs. The company has a strong economic foundation, a strong network of relationships, and a complete technology and Staffing, with China's accession to the WTO, import and export trade is growing, in order to further meet the needs of traders, importers and exporters, our company has carefully built a door-to-door one-stop service for businesses. We have a very complete import and export service system in mainland China. The company has established an international freight forwarding company in Shanghai. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone has invested in a variety of trade modes including international trade, entrepot trade and bonded trade. The shipping company and the airline have established a close cooperative relationship, which can provide the best shipping, air transportation, railway transportation routes, customs clearance and insurance, and a series of services for your cargo import and export. At the same time, our company has one in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. A well-equipped warehouse can meet the needs of your goods in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. You can check the source of goods, bulk cargo cabinets, choose the appropriate delivery method, and deliver the goods safely and quickly.


We have a wide range of commodity information networks, partners all over the world, has become the full authority of many European and American traders in China. Under the guidance of the business philosophy of “creating the best service”, we have achieved remarkable results through the unremitting efforts of all employees. Our company has a backbone team with proficient business and strong operational capabilities. While providing customers with a variety of trade and logistics solutions, they can also open up the Chinese market for overseas customers, find goods, check and accept goods, and declare all the worries of import and export. Provide professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round services.

The company's main business is the organization of oil drilling equipment and spare parts. At present, we maintain close and friendly business contacts with more than 300 manufacturers with API qualifications in China. It can provide drills, well control devices, solid control equipment, various special vehicles, pump valve boxes, drilling and mining accessories and drilling tools for the ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50 and ZJ70 oil rigs. Also produces and sell steel balls, steel belts, electric bicycles, solar water heaters, hardware tools, power tools, welding and cutting equipment tools and other products.

For more than 10 years, the company has been adhering to the service tenet of “contract-honoring and keeping promises”. Expanding the market and focusing on management, successfully sold all kinds of products made in China to the Middle East, Europe, America, CIS and Southeast Asia, and was unanimously affirmed and praised by Chinese and foreign businessmen and trading partners. Achieved the goal of "sincere cooperation, integrity and double profit".